Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting this blog!

My name is Joan Larson and I’ve worked as a full-time, professional artist specializing in equine art for over 20 years. I live on a wonderfully peaceful acreage on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, with my family, which includes my husband and work partner Paul, my son Matthew, my two horses Sunshine and Pal, and 4 chickens. I have two daughters as well, Dana and Julia, but they are both living away from home now.

I’m still relatively new to this blogging concept…so there might be some changes over the next few months until I can work out a rhythm between posting here…and working at the Easel!

I have a variety of websites scattered across the internet at the moment, however none of them focus solely on news and updates from my studio – Creekside Studio. So this blog was born! Here I’ll be focusing on recent updates, shows I’m attending or hosting, other art occasions, contests…and other news From The Easel.

If you want to read my whole story then check out the “About Joan” tab above.

All my posts will be through the “News” tab


  • joanlarson.com – My Original website with a fully functioning shopping cart for online ordering from my studio
  • Creekside Studio FB – My Facebook fan page with my step-by-step series and tips, photos, contests, etc.
  • canadarides.ca – A website dedicated solely to my series based on the RCMP Musical Ride of Canada
  • sableislandhorses – My new WordPress site dedicated to my trip to Sable Island and the series of paintings based on the wild horses there

Once again thanks for visiting this site! I love hearing from fellow artists, budding artists, fans, and the public in general! You can comment here or always reach me on my email joan@joanlarson.com


One response to “Welcome!

  • Terry McKenna

    Hi Joan, Cheryl McKenna (Trevers) here. I met you once at the Royal in Toronto, probably the first time you did it. I was selling a horse supplement called Unimin and did pastels on the side. Now all these years later I am re married, still selling the supplement now called Zenamin and back to pastel painting again.
    Just wanted to say that I still love your work. Your landscapes are an inspiration to me and I’m dabbling in that field here where I live in Elora, Ontario. I still have family on Gabriola Island, the ones in Coombs have depareted and I hope to visit someday before too long.
    Glad you are still working, I’ll connect on FB. Best regards

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