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Sable Island – Day 4 & 5, Aug. 2013

Day 4 & 5 on the island have seen quite a bit of difference in the weather . . . from very high winds and torrential downpours to a stunning sunrise this morning followed by overcast, fog and then back to clear skies late this evening.  The weather here is ever changing and continues to remind me just how little we actually control.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but be assured, I will enjoy myself!

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SABLE ISLAND – August, 2013

MADE IT TO SABLE ISLAND!!!  Today, Day 3, has proved to be very stormy with lots of rain and high winds however it let up just enough for us to grab our gear and head out for awhile.  The weather has not allowed for me to work on location (it also rained all day yesterday) so I have been working at the station and using the photo reference from the laptop.  Here are a few photos  . . . enjoy, I sure am!

Getting Ready for Sable Island

Getting Ready for Sable Island

Rae-Anne LaPlante (who I am traveling to Sable Island with) just made this short video clip about “getting ready for Sable Island.”  I’m actually posting this while sitting in the airport in Nanaimo waiting for my flight to Vancouver-Ottawa-Halifax.    Sable Island or Bust!

Musical Ride art unveiling – Parksville Qualicum News

Brenda Gough from the Parksville Qualicum News has written a very nice article about our unveiling on Aug. 3rd (thank you Brenda).  It was a pretty amazing weekend!

Musical Ride art unveiling – Parksville Qualicum News.