Monday, June 20th, 8:20 p.m.  

And the Winner is:

“SABLE SPIRIT” entered by Aleshia Kiedaisch.  Congratulations Aleshia!

We laboured over this for several hours and then the difficult task fell to me to select “the one.”  I will say that it was much harder to do than I would have thought as there are so many great names.  Thank you again to all who entered and shared their suggestions.  Cheers,  Joan


MONDAY, JUNE 20th, 1:15 p.m.

The Contest Is Now Closed

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to send in your entry.  I am overwhelmed and humbled by your responses.

There have been 257 names entered . . . but I can only pick one. However if you would like to suggest titles for any of the other paintings, please feel welcome to do so.  I may not be able to email each of you personally to thank you, but please know that I appreciate each and every suggestion.

The winner of this contest will be posted later today.  Thank you.


FRIDAY, MAY 20th, 12:00pm

I’m stumped.  I have not been able to come up with a title for this artwork that accurately reflects the quirky expression on this horse’s face.  So I thought that I would like some help with the naming.

Hence the “Name the Painting” Contest

Simply email your suggestion(s) to me at Subject line “contest” That’s it! (I also encourage you to check out my Facebook fan page for my most recent updates.)

The winning name will be announced on Monday, June 20th and the winner will receive a limited edition print of the artwork.

Nice and easy!

So far we’ve gotten some great names, this is what we have so far:

Able;  Mane Man;  Keeta;  Brown Eye;  Jake;  Mona Lisa;  Wistful;  Randi;  Cedar;  Abby;  Sasha;  Yetsa;  Precious;  Sable Eye;  Enchantress;  Maestro;  Free Spirit;  Sable Reflections;  Follow Me;  Heart Song;  Sable Star;  Gentle Soul;  Essence of Beauty;  Dune;  Sointula;  Wild Sunset;  Eye of the Wild;  Sable Sunset;  Pokey;  Sabrina of Sable;  Carrot;  Brown Beauty;  Worn;  Endearment;  Frances;  Ordean;  Solitary Thoughts;  Rusty;  Pretty Haggard

Nose Fashion;  Peace;  Karma;  Gesture;  Sable Sand;  Shaman;  Freedom of the Wind;  Whispers;  Musing;  Storm;  Afterglow;  Concern & Listening;  Snippet;  I’m Thinking About That;  Joey;  Why The Long Face;  Reflections;  Retired;  Tawny Beauty;  Muddy;  Maddie; Esther;  Care For Me;  Bangs;  I’m Sorry;  Sabella;  Cookie;  Bliss;  Caliber;  Snuffles;  Brownie;  Contemplation;  Mischief’s Imp;  Mane Protector;  Old Warrior;  Serenity

Rosella;  Relaxed In Thought;  Sable Star;  Sandy;  Farrah;  Corkie;  I Did That?;  Play Misty For Me;  True North Strong and Free; Alone;  Shag;  Really?;  Pickaboo;  Cocoa;  Pepa;  Sandy;  Chester;  Runningwind;  Jack Sparrow;  I Have A Free Spirit Somewhere; Unsure;  Survivor;  Dozing;  Sand In My Ear;  Watch and Listen;  Vigilant One;  The Curious One;  How Much Longer?;  Do I Have To Pose?  Weeping Willow;  Lonesome Drifter;  Weary Beachcomber;  Weathered Leader;  Shipwrecked Wonder;  Quiet Wanderer

Gentle Leader;  The Encounter;  Say What?;  Soulful Sable;  Wisdom;  Seagrass;  Contessa;  One of Beauty;  Otis;  Music to my Eyes; What Are You Doing Here?;  Waiting For Direction;  Quietly Waiting;  Quiet Anticipation;  Silent Power;  Simple Confidence;  “I” Candy;  Dune Dancer;  Sable’s Sand Stallion;  Furtive Forelock Glance;  A Thousand Thoughts;  Howie;  Elbas;  Summer Reverie; Youthful Insecurity;  Unique Thoughts;  Hairs 2 U;  Stole My Heart;  You Looking At Me?;  Dagabagaz;  Nahar;  Pilgrim;  Arion;

Mezentius;  Manely Handsome;  Maybe;  So Who Do You Think You Are?;  Sable’s Solitude;  Sable Island Diamond;  Maybe I Will; Rhaebus; Sable Oilean Kapall;  Gabra Tar Glasmuir;  Los Caballos de la Isla de Sable;  Darn That Fly;  Sable Princess;  I Trust You;  Protect Me Always;  Mystical Lady;  Mystical Boy of Sable Island;  Wild Rose;  Sable’s Sweetheart;  Sable Gold;  Sable Chestnut;  Sable Spirit;  Chestnut Gold;  Lonely Love;  Contemplation;  Sable Island Wisdom;  Who’s This Sable Island Visitor?;  King Midas;

Reminiscing;  Dreamer;  The Teacher;  Goldenrod;  The Lone Sable;  Day Is Done;  Soft Stare;  Emma;  Blaze;  Gee What Have I Done?;  End Of The Day;  Morning Muse;  Golden Locks;  Smoke Diamond;  Barney;  Topaz Pride;  The Old Sage;  Morning Sun;  Lazy Look;  Solomon The Somber One;  Goldie;  Eventide;  Ponies Paradise;  Farrah;  Blown By The Wind;  Lost By A Shipwreck;  Zeek;  Contemplation;  I Don’t Think So;  Sunny Dune;  Free Spirit;  Danny Boy;  Socrates;  Ponder;  Goldilocks;  What’s Up?;  Magnificent;

Golden Boy;  Ginger Snap;  Julily;  A New Halifax Horse;  Resting & Thinking;  Are We Done Yet?;  Maybe – Maybe Not; Golden Sunset;  Evie;  An Eye On You;  Winston;  Thinker;  Attentive;  Blaze;  Whats Next?;  Malik;  Sable Island Destiny;  Pondering At Sunset;  Toro;  I Know I’m Something Special;  Red Cloud;  Dawn Treader;  A Thousand Thoughts;  Mane Starlett;  Come Closer Please;  And You Are?;  Surf’s Song;  Drizzled;  Waiting Out The Storm;  A Heir Of Uncertainty;

Clarence; Seen the Quicksand?;  Skylar;  Terrance;  Digby;  Adonis;  Wendell;  Alvero;  Cautious;  Bronson;  Tedros;  Thane;  Brogan;  Fascinator;  Sable Mate;  Sable Son;  Snip;


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