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Art & Bloom Festival – Woodland Gardens

So this blog has been under-going quite a bit of shuffling around…this post was originally written on May 25th, 2011


We  just returned home from our show at the annual “Art & Bloom Festival” at Woodland Gardens in Courtenay, BC. This year the show ran from from May 21 – 23rd, 2011

Brian Zimmerman, owner and creator of the extraordinary Woodland Gardens, invited me to be the Featured Artist. I were very pleased to be part of this show!  There is a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere among the visitors and artisans like.  My husband, Paul, and I met some great people, including MP John Duncan and his wife Kim.

You can see their website for yourselves…but I highly urge you to check out Woodland Gardens if you are near, or passing through Courtenay.